Solutions to Business Market Strategies

                                      Solutions to Business Market Strategies



business application grid


  • Includes two social buttons.
  • Includes Hosting for a year.
  • Content not provided.
  • Application works offline
  • NON invasive, Will not spam client, hit 1000 targets effectively with 1000 punctual actions with a few taps ( Instantly). We work hard so you dont have to! Our model is if it makes life efficient, we did our job.

A Business Application Grid works even Offline and works on more devices than Apple and Android put togather with out arguments. ( Most all apps have to be born on the device SDK platform like Android, Apple, Windows, and so on – in order to function therefore cross platforming has agruments and will be divided auto one. Our build allows cross platform migration utilizing best practical practices within todays advancing business function tools that meet the digital instant gratifacation demands consumers desire.

Business Application Grids are a great way to be kept in the users mobile device.

The mobile user now has your content with them at all times during the year until deleted

The Business Application Grid features maps in them so that your mobile user never is lost even with bad signals at times,  because the app works even with out the internet and can be transfered by BlueTooth or BlueTooth apps like Bump.




Digital Business Card

                                                       Digital Business Cards

  • Includes two social buttons
  • Content not included

Digital Business Cards are a great way to share your presents, even Islands away.

Post your Digital Business Card and let your clients share it, and recommend you.

Email your Digital Business Card to all your contacts.

Text your Digital Business Card to all your phone (SIM) contacts.

Digital Business Cards never run out

It takes Seconds to Deliver Your Business Card in Digital Format Suited for The Mobile User, and Illuminates onto Device Screens, “in a sense” Your Card Jumps from getting lost in a Wallet/Purse right to your Clients Mobile Device and is kept until deleted.

The best way to UP your Social Media Likes is to share your New Digital Business Card !

Another Great way to Share it is to Direct your QR Code  to open it .

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